GEKO Playpen MEGA SIZE (SLC) 255x255x60 cm. (Beige/Cream)

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GEKO Playpen

Size: MEGA

Leather: SLC

Dimension: 255x255x60 cm.

Color: Beige/Cream

GEKO playpens

SIze 6 feet. (197 cm. width x 215 cm. length x 60 cm. height)


1.    Soft: We use soft high-quality PE foam which is soft and resistant, not flattened.

2.    Safe: We create 60-cm outer walls and 52.5-cm inner walls to be proper for grabbing and holding while kids try to stand and walk safely. The kids do not fall out and climb out of the playpen. It is easy to use and lasts long. The playpens are inspected by engineers which ensure that there are no nails, steels, and sticky glue, and can be guaranteed for the parents that their babies will be safe in these playpens.

3.    Non-Toxic: There is none of Phthalate, BPA, DMF, PVC, Cadmium, Lead, Mercury, or other harmful components. GEKO playpens are certified EN71-3 standard from SGS.

4.    Versatile: Our playpens can be used as not only ordinary playpens, but they can be also used as crawling pads, mini sofas, huge sofas, or even beds. Besides, they are easily put apart, kept in any part of the house, and move to other places conveniently.

5.    Waterproof: The playpens resist water and are easily clean because of using PU synthetic leather/ Silicone leather. It is smooth and none of dust mites which is the cause of the allergy.

6.    Design: There are doors for elders and new mothers who take care of babies. They can easily walk in and out of the playpens without any injuries. The doors can be moved to any side of the playpens. Parents can design the playpens from their favorite color with neat cutting as one of the furniture in the house.

7.    Easy to Install: The playpens are easily assembled and set up. You can assemble them by yourself. The structures are strong, but lightweight, easy to keep and move.

Instruction for using a playpen as a bed for new-born babies

It is suitable for  crawling babies and toddlers. Use the gentle cleaning chemical for babies with water to clean a playpen. THe, wipe again with a dry and clean towel. Keep all of sharp items and flame away! Do not use bleaching chemicals. Do not use it improperly.

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