5 types of playpens, Which one suits me?

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5 types of playpens, Which one suits me?


          The playpen is a device that helps mothers keep their babies safe from various dangers that may occur. (Electrical outlets, corner tables, stairs, or tiny nooks and crannies in the house are unsafe for the babies) Moreover, using a playpen, parents can do other activities such as do housework and cook some food in their home for a while.


Nowadays, there are many types of baby playpens with various rate prices. Let's explore which one best suits your kids!




1. The PVC pipe playpen


Advantage: the structure of the playpen is channeled so you can see from the outside what your baby is doing. This type of playpen is not expensive.


Disadvantage: this type of playpen has many joints in the structure when your kids hard shake or hit it, it may fall or the joints may fall off and fall on top of the kids. This made the PVC pipe playpen the least secure.




2. The wooden playpen


Advantage: It has the same structure as the PVC pipe playpen but looks smarter. It is also a see-through playpen. The wooden playpen is stronger than the first type too.


Disadvantage: It is a high-priced playpen. In some cases, the wooden sliver may harm kids. Furthermore, when it is defective, the owner must buy a whole new set because it is not sold separately. This is why it is not a very popular playpen.




3. The Korean plastic playpen


Advantage: It is made of non-toxic plastic, strengthened and lighter than the wooden playpen. It is an expandable playpen with a music function or many pieces of toys that enhance the kids' skills.


Disadvantage: It is a high-priced playpen. It does not support the hard impact. If your kids hard shake or hit it, it may fall on top of the kids.




4. The non adjustable padding playpen


Advantage: this type of playpen can support impact resistance because there is a wooden board inside its structure. This helps the kids practice walking and crawling.


Disadvantage: It is high-priced. This type of playpen cannot resize and is hard to move because of its heavy weight. The edge of the playpen has a thickness of 10-15 cm, which wastes space in your home. Moreover, there may be volatile substances produced by using the glue in the manufacturing process. Including the sponge may cause mold or dust mites may emanate at the joints of the leather.




5. The adjustable padding playpen


Advantage: this type of playpen has good support impact resistance. High safety. The babies can turn around, crawl, and learn to walk safely in the playpen. It is lightweight and adaptable. Easy to assemble, and install. It does not waste space in your home.Moreover, this type of playpen has a strong structure and uses high-quality leather. So, it does not cause dust mites and does not result in allergy. No volatile substances from the glue (VOC free), Phthalate free, BPA free, passed EN71-3 standard.


Disadvantages: The wall of the playpen sways along the pulling or leaning force of the kids because there is no wooden board inside the structure. This type of playpen has a high price.


Each type of playpen has different advantages and disadvantages. GEKO hopes this article will be useful for parents to choose the playpen that suits you. However, using the playpen may help the parents  make sure that your kids will be safe in it, but please be aware as kids may have accidents from playing with the wrong toys, so it is advisable to keep an eye on them from time to time for safety.


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