About Us

Brand Story 

GEKO (pronounced as /ˈɡekəʊ/ or ˈgek-kow) has had a long journey. 

GEKO was founded in 2019 by an engineer and a scientist.


Everyone who has heard about the brand usually asks us to repeat the name. Absolutely!!! 

We want our brand named “GEKO” as the gecko because our son is crazy about the geckos.



We intend to use “GEKO” instead of ‘gecko’ because...


1. Our son is crazy about geckos.


2. Whenever you type ‘gecko’ in every search engine, it always shows appalling pictures of them. That is the reason why we use ‘GEKO’ to adjust the mood of the animal to be cuter.


3. We use Velcro tapes (in Thailand called gecko tapes because of the resemblance of the stickiness of the tapes and gecko’s feet) to assemble the playpen and use VISLON® zippers from YKK Corporation which are certainly safe for kids.


GEKO Thailand is a combination of our two sons; the name is come from our elder son, and the logo is represented our younger son.

We invents GEKO playpen with our determination through many times of improvement to get the best playpen and help parents promote their child development.

We never stop developing our product and keep enhance our brand. We want to make our customers trust in GEKO. GEKO will come up with more multifunctional products for our dear customers soon. Please stay tuned!



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