6 Tips to select the playpen worthily.

             Nowadays “Playpen” is a must-have item because it's not only safe for your babies, but also helps them to practice crawling, to stand, and even to walk. It raises the baby's development. Moreover, by using the playpen, parents can do other activities in their home for a while without having to worry that their babies will crawl into an unsafe place. It’s such a useful thing. Therefore, for parents who are deciding whether to buy a playpen for babies, GEKO provides six tips on how to buy a safe playpen with the best value.

1. Choose a playpen made of safe materials and pass the EN71-3 Non-Toxic standard for children's toys. It must be free of harmful substances such as Phthalate, BPA, DMF, PVC, Cadmium, Lead, Mercury, etc. Children can use their mouths to touch. It must not irritate their skin.

2. Choose a playpen that you can inspect the materials both inside and outside. Moreover, it should be 100% touchable and have no pungent smell.

3. Choose the playpen which has the appropriate height. It should not be too short because your babies can easily fall out of the playpen. Moreover, the parents should choose a playpen which they can use for a long time.

4. Choose a playpen that is sturdy and durable. The playpen must not break or be easy to break. It will protect your babies from danger when they try to snatch or shake the playpen. The good playpen will not break into pieces.

5. Choose the customizable and foldable playpen, this is for ease of use and for the limited home space. Choose the playpen that mothers can assemble by themselves and it is easy to move.

6. Choose a playpen with a door to enter - exit. The door will help the newborn mother not have to raise their legs high. Moreover, the elderly can get in and out easily. Parents should buy the playpen before the birth of babies because it can be used with young babies from 0-13 months. It will help you use the playpen worthily because your kids can  use it until they’re in toddlerhood.

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