What's EN71-1,-2,-3

GEKO passed EN71-1,-2,-3 test officially.

EN71-1 Mechanical and Physical Properties  ✓PASSED
There are no sharp edges and sharp spots that can penetrate or cut the skin. Suitable for newborns (under 36 months)
EN71-2 Flammability ✓PASSED
The burning rate is slow or not fueling the spread of fire, the child will know what is going on and throw away toys.
มาตราฐาน EN71-3
EN-71 Part 3 document specifies requirements and test methods for the migration of 19 harmful substances such as antimony, arsenic, lead, cadmium, and mercury from toy materials and from parts of toys. Moreover, all of them must not consist of prohibited substances, i.e. Phthalates or other substances which are noted in Annex XVII regulation under the REACH rule, Carcinogenic Agents which can lead to mutation or reproductive pollution, and other atopens and allergens. The toys and parts of toys must exclude all dangerous substances. THe toys and parts of toys must be proper to kids by sucking, licking, and touching them without exposing any danger.
The playpen of GEKO Thailand is certified by SGS that has passed the EN71-3 standard (Safety of toys). It is safe and free from harmful substances. Furthermore, it is also certified for both inner EPE foam wall and outer PU skin walls. “Need safe playpens, choose GEKO!”


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