Which size of GEKO playpen suits your house?

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Which size of GEKO playpen suits your house?

GEKO produces seven playpen sizes as follows;

For a big family with a wide area, GEKO recommends you…

-The “Mega Size” It’s the jumbo size and can contain a lot of stuff.

-The “Large 2x2 Size” is an appropriate large size.

-The “6ft Size” this size fits the King size bed.


For the lower size, we recommend you…

-The “5ft Size” It’s the best seller product with the appropriate width and fit with the 5Ft bed size.

-The “Standard Size” It’s slightly smaller than the “5ft Size”


If you have a limited area, want to place the playpen in your bedroom, or find the playpen size that suits your condominium area, we recommend you…

The “3.5ft size (1x2 m.)” this size fits the 3.5ft size bed. The babies have enough space to crawl.

“The Compact Size” is small. However, it can contain several pieces of your stuff including the mattress.


         If you are not satisfied with these 7 sizes, GEKO provides you to customize your own size playpen. GEKO playpen is designed for both parents and children and so easy to use. Please be part of our GEKO family.


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